farm GATES


As a farm or ranch owner, responsibility for the safety and welfare of your animals starts at the gate. Diamond Bar is the original manufacturer of the unique diamond shaped steel bar gate. The dependable welded unibody strength of all Diamond Bar gates has created a legacy of high quality, easy to use farm gates suitable for any controlled entrance. From our standard 6 bar 48" high gate to our 7 bar 57" high gate, Diamond Bar has a farm gate for every application. 


strength is an ethic

Just like you, we expect things to work right and last a long time. It's with this high expectation of quality that we build all our products which is why Diamond Bar is the brand trusted by farmers, ranchers, land owners and horse owners.


standard features



Diamond Bar’s exclusive chain latch design makes entering quick and simple yet keeps the gate firmly secure when closed. 

adjustable hinge

Adjusting your Diamond Bar gate is easy with our adjustable hinges. A few turns of your wrench and the gate is perfectly aligned. 

simple installation

With Diamond Bar, installing your new gate is quick and easy, allowing seamless retrofit installation on existing hinges.  




bolt-on spring latch

The uniquely designed circular latch handle allows simple one handed operation while preventing accidental opening.

Height Adjustable Wheel

The optional bolt-on wheel allows smooth operation, especially with longer gates. The height adjustment ensures proper alignment in uneven fields. 

calf exit

A great upgrade for any gate, the calf exit allows access to calves without opening the entire gate. 


model specifications

L22 feet27 LBS0
L33 feet36 LBS0
L44 feet45 LBS0
L55 feet54 LBS0
L66 feet61 LBS0
L77 feet70 LBS1
L88 feet80 LBS1
L99 feet89 LBS1
L1010 feet98 LBS1
L1111 feet107 LBS2
L1212 feet116 LBS2
L1313 feet125 LBS2
L1414 feet134 LBS2
L1515 feet142 LBS3
L1616 feet154 LBS3
L1717 feet163 LBS3
L1818 feet168 LBS3
L1919 feet179 LBS4
L2020 feet190 LBS4
H22 feet32 LBS0
H33 feet41 LBS0
H44 feet50 LBS0
H55 feet59 LBS0
H66 feet68 LBS0
H77 feet87 LBS1
H88 feet96 LBS1
H99 feet105 LBS1
H1010 feet114 LBS1
H1111 feet123 LBS2
H1212 feet132 LBS2
H1313 feet141 LBS2
H1414 feet150 LBS2
H1515 feet159 LBS3
H1616 feet168 LBS3
H1717 feet177 LBS3
H1818 feet186 LBS3
H1919 feet195 LBS4
H2020 feet204 LBS4
L4 GALV4 feet47 LBS0
L6 GALV6 feet65 LBS0
L8 GALV8 feet84 LBS1
L10 GALV10 feet103 LBS1
L12 GALV12 feet122 LBS2
L14 GALV14 feet140 LBS2
L16 GALV16 feet162 LBS3
L18 GALV18 feet176 LBS3

* All listed sizes are available in stock. Custom sizes and styles are available upon request.