Set up the perfect pasture or practice paddock with the Diamond Bar free standing steel corral. As a completely modular design, the Diamond Bar corral is the ideal solution for building portable, adjustable, high strength corral systems for your horses. Corral panels are available in 4-foot to 20-foot lengths, giving you the flexibility to build any shape, size or design of containment area. Both the standard 6 bar – 57 inch and the heavy duty 7 bar - 66 inch Diamond Bar corral panels provide a safe and protective environment for both you and your horses.


strength is an ethic

Just like you, we expect things to work right and last a long time. It's with this high expectation of quality that we build all our products which is why Diamond Bar is the brand trusted by farmers, ranchers, land owners and horse owners.


standard features



Diamond Bar’s exclusive chain latch design makes entering quick and simple yet keeps the corral firmly secure when closed. 

Oval hinge

The innovative oval connector hinges keep the panels secure and aligned, even when terrain is not level. 

simple installation

Setting up a diamond bar corral is quick and easy. Panels are held together securely with pins, no tools required.




bolt-on spring latch

The uniquely designed circular latch handle allows simple one handed operation while preventing accidental opening.

Walk-through gate

Both horse and rider can easily access the corral with Diamond Bar’s corral gate designed for one-hand operation. 

calf exit

A great upgrade for any corral, the calf exit allows access to calves without opening the entire gate. 


model specifications

C633 feet43 LBS0
C644 feet52 LBS0
C655 feet61 LBS0
C666 feet68 LBS0
C677 feet77 LBS1
C688 feet87 LBS1
C699 feet96 LBS1
C61010 feet105 LBS1
C61111 feet114 LBS2
C61212 feet123 LBS2
C61313 feet130 LBS2
C61414 feet140 LBS3
C61515 feet149 LBS3
C61616 feet152 LBS3
C61717 feet169 LBS3
C61818 feet175 LBS3
C61919 feet187 LBS4
C62020 feet197 LBS4
C733 feet36 LBS0
C744 feet45 LBS0
C755 feet54 LBS0
C766 feet61 LBS0
C777 feet70 LBS1
C788 feet80 LBS1
C799 feet89 LBS1
C71010 feet98 LBS1
C71111 feet107 LBS2
C71212 feet116 LBS2
C71313 feet125 LBS2
C71414 feet134 LBS2
C71515 feet142 LBS3
C71616 feet154 LBS3
C71717 feet163 LBS3
C71818 feet168 LBS3
C71919 feet179 LBS4
C72020 feet190 LBS4

* All listed sizes are available in stock. Custom sizes and styles are available upon request.